“Other media send correspondents abroad. KULTURAUSTAUSCH works directly with authors on the ground”
Ulrich Raulff
President, Institut für Auslandsbeziehungen

Five people are seen in a group portrait, three women and two men. They look friendly into the camera and stand in an office stairwell



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The big number


of Northern Irish people are in favor of Irish reunification

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armed groups are active in Colombia, but the majority of the population wants peace

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Family life | China

Children left behind

For her photo essay “Family Portrait,” photographer Tami Xiang visited children whose parents have left home to find work. Her assemblages each combine a portrait of the absent parents (right) and one of the children, most of whom are being raised by their grandparents (left). The “woven” structure of the images invokes the local tradition of weaving bamboo mats

Current issue

Inner circle

Great love and great conflicts: Few relationships are as emotional as those between parents and children. For this issue, mothers and fathers, daughters and sons talk about what unites them — and someimes also about what divides them

“Your children are who they are”
Swedish Cartoonist Liv Strömquist describes the small absurdities of being a mother - and the funny side of parenthood

A quiet goodbye
Sometimes a deep gulf opens up between parents and children. Poet and author Daljit Nagra recalls a difficult childhood

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“KULTURAUSTAUSCH supports authors who lack secure income, recognition or safety in their home country. Through this network, KULTURAUSTAUSCH builds cultural relationships worldwide”
Gitte Zschoch
Secretary general, Institut für Auslandsbeziehungen


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