“Other media send correspondents abroad. KULTURAUSTAUSCH works directly with authors on the ground”
Ulrich Raulff
President, Institut für Auslandsbeziehungen

Spotlight on France

Five people are seen in a group portrait, three women and two men. They look friendly into the camera and stand in an office stairwell



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KULTURAUSTAUSCH’s editorial team works from Berlin, but our networks of authors stretch around the globe ­– to Lagos, Taipeh, or Bogotá, for example.

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Indigenous groups have long struggled to protect their traditional ways of life. Young activists are now building up international networks:

“Indigeneity is not a label”
Maori, Masaai, Inuit: Kenyan activist Mali Ole Kaunga about the power of international networking

The taste of home
We asked eight people which food they associate most with their indigenous community

“Cholitas on skateboards”
Young indigenous women skateboard through Cochabamba wearing traditional dress

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“KULTURAUSTAUSCH supports authors who lack secure income, recognition or safety in their home country. Through this network, the magazine builds cultural relationships worldwide”
Gitte Zschoch
Secretary general, Institut für Auslandsbeziehungen