“Are we running out of water?” Our current issue on a highly topical theme

Without water, life on our planet would be impossible. An issue on the complicated relationship between humans and the big blue. What are the resources we can count on? Which lessons are to be learned from earlier droughts?

With contributions by Ben Okri, A.L. Kennedy, Katerina Poladjan, and Aditi Mukherji, among others. Find your German language print copy in our online shop or read it online in English!  

African literature now. Behind the scenes

Countless stories from sub-Saharan Africa testify to the diversity of current literary production on the continent. This year in particular, African authors have been able to win important international prizes. 

But how does new literature gets published and disseminated across the continent? How can young authors connect with a global audience? In our new collection, several authors from Southern Africa discuss the circumstances of writing and getting published, and getting in touch with their readers. A cooperation with the African Book Festival Berlin (August 26th-28th, 2022).



Black and white thinking: How cultural battles define our societies

In a recent speech at a conservative conference in the US, Hungary’s Prime Minister Viktor Orbán has declared a “culture war” against liberals. The general political discourse has significantly changed over the past years. It is not in civil debates that differing views are exchanged anymore. Instead, sharp battle rhetoric is broadcast on social media or in public rallies. 

In our themed issue „Black and white thinking”, we look at these heated discussions about “right” and “wrong,” cancel culture and identity politics, and ask how we can establish a common ground – a set of basic values which people might agree on across the political spectrum, even when they disagree on many other things. 


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Eye on Taiwan. Reports from our archive

Summer read: “The city was empty”

“Smidovych’s story began when he was going out to look for drinking water one day, one day with a leaden sky, a day just like this.” A literary and visual journey in eight chapters, written jointly by eight authors from around the world, including Serhij Zhadan, Ben Okri, Claudia Piñeiro and others

The big photography interview