World Cup: Insider views on Qatar

“Our reality is funny enough”

What do people laugh at in Qatar? In an interview, comedian  Hamad Al-Amari explains the humour of his compatriots - and reveals which punchlines are better left unsaid.

a conversation with Hamad Al-Amari (2018)

Critical in Qatar

In the front, two construction workers are seen on a construction site. In the background, shining in bright sun light, we can see the skyline of a major city with many sky scrapers.

From its controversial World Cup to new gas deals with Germany, Qatar is on everyone's lips. But what are people talking about in Qatar? And what about freedom of expression and voicing criticism?

by Anahi Ortiz-Prieto

Our current issue: “Fear of women”

Since Western troops withdrew, women in Afghanistan have been robbed of their rights. 

They have lost their jobs and are locked up at home.

But the new generation refuses to be quietly driven out of public life.

In our current issue, women are raising their voices! 

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