In a dark room with thick brick pillars there is an exhibition wall. Two paintings are hung on the wall, it is illuminated by a bright spotlight. In front of it some people are working, one of them is standing on a scaffold that reaches the ceiling

At Mystetzki Arsenal in Kyiv, curators and museum staff continue exhibition operations under difficult conditions because of the Russian invasion of Ukraine. One challenge of many the staff are dealing with are regular power outages (fall 2022)


Literature and arts

What is the most gripping novel from Nigeria right now? Which cinema craze is currently keeping South Korean audiences on the edge of their seats? And what Senegalese art project should you watch out for?

At KULTURAUSTAUSCH we explore the bigger picture, talking to artists from Global South and offering updates on the international cultural scene. In addition to short reviews and event tips, you'll also find interviews with top authors, filmmakers and theatre professionals, as well as reports on new music, cinema and literature - that still go below the radar in Europe.

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