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Why go to the opera?

Opera: outmoded and out of touch or timeless and eternal? We ask the soprano singer Fatma Said

Fatma Said is a young woman with long black hair, she wears a white dress and looks into the camera. Her eyes are darkly made up.

Fatma Said, born in Cairo in 1991, is a soprano and most recently released the album “Kaileidoscope”


Opera  still has the power to reflect contemporary narrative back at us. Think of the movies that are eighty years old which people still watch today. But I think we do have to become more relevant for younger people, to think outside the box. 

Why shouldn't I, as an opera singer, work with a house musician? I recently performed in a club in London in front of the youngest audience I've ever had. Those are exactly the people I want to reach and who might visit the opera in ten years' time.