Three people standing on a sheet of water.

People standing on the so-called Pillars on the beach at Mount Martha, Australia. For an indepth fotographic research on the subject of water, photographer Mustafah Abdulaziz visited places where our careless relationship with this vital resource becomes apparent. 


Are we running out of water?

Just over 70 percent of the earth’s surface is covered with water. Despite this, 850 million people lack secure access to the most vital of all raw materials. 

The consequences of climate change are reflected in the global distribution of water: while some regions are plagued by droughts, others face floods and inundation

More than any other element, water is considered sacred in many cultures and religions. At the same time, we humans are polluting the oceans, rivers and lakes. In this dossier, we unpick our relationship with water - and how we can improve it. 

July 2022

“Everyone hates jet ski riders. They may even hate each other”
Alison Louise Kennedy
Writer, Great Britain

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In addition to our focus on water, our III/2022 issue included more reports, interviews and news items from around the world: 

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