The outer wall of a one-story house is insulated with straw, there is no external facade. A ladder leans against the house, a middle-aged man steps out of the open door onto the dirt floor. He wears jeans and a long-sleeved T-shirt.

Photographer Antoine Bruy portrays people who live a life away from civilization and get by with very few resources


The limits of growth

After years of living in abundance, many people crave minimalism and seek to live with less. 

Economically, the global North is facing problems such as supply shortages, climate disasters and financial crises. Many people will have to do without a life of prosperity. That is why we are devoting this dossier to going without. What is superfluous? What can we have to do without? 

The environmental activist Vandana Shiva calls for an end to waste and a culture of frugality. The photographer Antoine Bruy portrays dropouts and hermits, people who already live with less

The author Adrienne Yabouza, on the other hand, describes the short-sightedness of this Western-influenced debate and points out that you have to be pretty well off to be able to afford to do without. In her home country, the Central African Republic, many people are busy simply trying to survive

January 2023

Vandana Shiva wears a green Sari. She is standing in front of a shelf with many tins and looks calmly into the camera
“Just because something costs little doesn’t mean it won’t cost us dearly as a human race”
Vandana Shiva
Physicist and environmental activist, India

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