Beyond civilisation

In search of people who have had enough of big city life, the French photographer Antoine Bruy has traveled through Europe and North America. The result is the visually stunning photo series “Scrublands,” in which he documents people who opt out of society, depicting their everyday lives
We see a person from behind walking along a path about 50 meters away towards a mountainous landscape.

Scene of a hike in the Spanish comarca Sierra de Cazorla

A makeshift, almost somewhat dilapidated looking house, leafy trees all around.

A self-built house in the Pyrenees, France

A young woman is sitting on a chair in a kitchen, behind her an old-fashioned stove with a large pot. She wears her hair braided, her black pants have holes. She is barefoot and looks into the camera.

Dropout Eireann in Washington State, USA

Avi wears a too large burgundy jacket and beige pants, his feet are bare. His dog is sitting next to him, he is black. Avi wears black hair and a gray beard. In the background you can see the hut, it looks makeshift. There are also utensils, furniture and baskets around. Behind it begins the forest.

Dropout Avi with his dog in front of his hut in Sierra Nevada, Spain

An old cork oak forest.

Cork oaks in the Sierra del Hacho, Spain

A construction of wooden bars arranged in a triangular shape, covered with a transparent large tarpaulin or foil, on the floor a rough carpet and large clay pots, on the left an armchair.

A homemade dome in the Sierra del Hacho

An elderly man with a white cloth around his head looks out of the door of a small hut. He bends down to a pied cat and strokes it. The hut is made of field stones at the bottom and boards above. The roof is made of a canvas.

The hermit Uli in front of his small house in Sierra Nevada