White illustration on black background shows a small orchestra playing together on a podium on the right, and a single triangle player standing excluded from the central action on the left, eager to join in.

Interaction or unbridled conflict? Exclusion or community? Debates about justice and identity are making waves, and individuals and groups are clashing over them.



Polarised society

When we talk about culture clashes we’re usually referring to a dispute over cultural, ethical or social issues. Right now, several of these run parallel: We are arguing about gender, equality and identity politics. Who decides how we talk to each other today? Who has the power? Who’s seeking justice? 

In this dossier we ask: How can we find common ground as a society? 

The education researcher Ute Frevert advises us to form political alliances to help safeguard the survival of democracies. Former professional footballer Lilian Thuram writes about racism in sport. Journalist Karen Attiah, meanwhile, explains how cancel culture is accelerating the debate on diversity on social media and beyond. 

April 2022

Proträtbild der Autorin Karen Attiah
“America’s short history has been a history of impunity, particularly for white men”
Karen Attiah
Journalist and columnist for Washington Post

Discover the printed issue

In addition to the dossier on culture clashes, our II/2022 issue included reports, interviews and news items from around the world: 

“Fighting for every free word” Irina Scherbakova, co-founder of the Russian NGO Memorial, on hard-won freedoms 

“A new prison built every ten days” Fury Young and BL Shirelle have launched a record label for incarcerated people in the U.S.

“What we don’t remember” Both Novi Sad and Kaunas are European Capitals of Culture — and they approach their urban histories very differently 

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