Survey | Cape Verde

82 % of young people in Cape Verde are disillusioned with democracy

On the Cape Verde Islands, many people between the ages of 18 and 35 are dissatisfied with democracy. This loss of confidence in the political system is also expressed in a very low voter turnout. In the presidential elections in October 2021, turnout was just 48 percent. There are many reasons for this political disenchantment, such as the high unemployment rate among young people, which so far could not be cushioned, even by state investments in the education sector.

Furthermore, political party allegiances often seem more significant than someone’s academic and professional background when looking for a job. For this reason, some young people use the path to politics as a means of social advancement. Established politicians, in turn, often serve only the interests of a small elite with their political decisions. This widens the gap between civil society and politics. Many young Cape Verdeans therefore emigrate in search of a better life. The number of Cape Verdeans living in the diaspora has been greater than the equivalent population of the archipelago for years.

Source: Afrobarometer 2021

Translated from Portuguese by Timo Berger