View over a jungle area towards the horizon. In the foreground you can see a glowing fire from which smoke rises up to the sky

Smoke rises from an illegal fire near Manaquiri in the state of Amazonas. At the beginning of September 2023 alone, 2,500 illegal fires were registered in the region by the Brazilian Institute for Space Research


Environment and climate policy

Environmental and climate issues play an increasingly important role nationally and internationally - and environmental and climate policy has far-reaching effects worldwide. In KULTURAUSTAUSCH, authors from around the world report on climate change, environmental protection and sustainable development as well as outlining local climate initiatives and international conflicts which are linked to the environment.

Climate justice is a key term here, opening up questions like: What is happening in the parts of the world where climate change has already irreversibly altered people's lives? And what international measures and cultural practices could pave the way to a more sustainable future?

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