In the background, several women in a crowd raise their fists in the air and shout. They hold signs in their hands. In the foreground is a flag with the portrait of the Iranian Kurdish woman Mahsa Amini

At a protest march in Istanbul, several women shout slogans and hold up signs with the portrait of Iranian Kurdish woman Mahsa Amini (October 2022). Mahsa Amini had died in custody of the Iranian guidance patrol


Human rights

There is hardly a subject the global community is as united on as that of human rights - and yet there are still disputes about their status and supposed universality. For some, these rights form the ethical foundation of a just and free society; for others, they are an ideologically charged political instrument.

Where does the world stand on fundamental rights? Why do some countries advocate equal rights and social liberalisation while others don’t? Where are freedom of expression, women’s rights and minority rights currently facing the greatest threat? In KULTURAUSTAUSCH dives into this pressing subject with up-to-date reports, interviews and features.

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