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How dangerous is Artificial Intelligence?

What is the most threatening about artificial intelligence? Author Rebecca Giblin points out where the dangers lie. A commentary
Black and white portrait of a woman with glasses and sidecut. She leans with her elbow on a parapet and looks straight into the camera with a challenging gaze

Rebecca Giblin is a professor at Melbourne Law School and author of the book “Chokepoint Capitalism” (2022)


The fear of AI is spreading: It will develop consciousness! It will destroy our jobs! But the real danger lies elsewhere. AI developers do not want to make the world a better place, but are rather working in the interests of investors.

And they aim to create new chokepoints, or technological bottlenecks that they can control, just like Google and Amazon are doing already. If they have their way, people will be squeezed even further and degraded to consumers as AI gathers pace.