Kulturaustausch celebrates a round birthday

We know we hardly look it, but we’re 70 years old! Our first issue came out in November 1951 with the title “Mitteilungen” (“Notices”). Since then we’ve gone through many incarnations on the road to being a journalistically independent magazine. Today KULTURAUSTAUSCH airs the thoughts of intellectuals and journalists from every continent.

On the occasion of our 70th anniversary, we’ve been flicking back through issues from past decades. These include many quirky reports, like the one about detailing an expedition to research elephant brains, plus countless pics of eminences grises at receptions, like the Minister of Economics, Ludwig Erhard next to the Shah in Tehran in 1960, or President Heinrich Luebke in Morocco in 1971. Over the years there has been a big shift in the role of women in the magazine. These days many more women write for KULTURAUSTAUSCH, as well as contributing as photographers and illustrators.

Special anniversary issue

Flicking through historic magazines we noted how remarkably little the topics have changed. Fifty years ago, people were also interested in the West's relationship with Islam or the role played by sport in international relations. But what is new is the range of perspectives from which the narrative is being told.

In order to explore our history, we’ve collated articles spanning 70 years of KULTURAUSTAUSCH in one special issue – and you'll find a little taster below. The full anniversary issue is enclosed with our current issue IV/2021 “Make It Yourself”.

And by the way, to commemorate our birthday, we’d love to give you a present! Just send us an email with “Geburtstagsheft” or “Birthday Issue” in the subject line and your postal address, and we’ll send you a surprise (German-language) issue from the last 70 years. Alternatively, you can tell us about a topic that you’re interested in and we’ll hand pick you an issue from our archive.