Issue IV/2019  - Someone else's paradise

Someone else's paradise (Issue IV/2019)



Jenny Friedrich-Freksa

Our chief editor takes a look at the current issue.


Cultural spots

The Sesc 24 de Maio in São Paulo

by Nelson Kon

São Paulo has a new cultural and leisure centre: the Sesc 24 de Maio. Most surprising about the building is its swimming pool, which covers most of its roof. It...


Topic: Maldives

Behind the scenes in paradise

by Kai Schnier

Half of the inhabited Maldivian islands are covered with luxury resorts. The locals live elsewhere.


Someone else's paradise

by Philipp Spalek

The Maldives are seen as a slice of paradise by tourists from all over the world but the archipelago’s inhabitants live a different reality. Here is a photo gallery about a radiant island kingdom and its shadowy world.


“We will live on stilts, if necessary”

an interview with Hussain Rasheed Hassan

In the Maldives, the impacts of climate change have long been a reality. A conversation with Environment Minister Hussain Rasheed Hassan about disappearing islands and disaster plans.


A waft of smoke over Villingili

by Rae Munavvar

Too much rubbish for a few islands: The Maldives don't know how to get rid of their waste.


An island kingdom in the ocean

by Xavier Romero-Frías

A short history of the Maldives.


“No difference between ‘He’ and ‘She’”

Interview with Amalia Gnanadesikan

A conversation about the Dhivehi language with the linguist Amalia Gnanadesikan.


Disempowered Women

by Emma Fulu

From powerful rulers to full veils: The shifting role of women in the Maldives.


Fighters from Syria

by Hajar Waheed

How the island nation emerged as a refuge for radical Islamists.


Cook, Cleaner or Holy Warrior

by Francesca Borri

Why many Maldivians see jihad as an opportunity.



by Farah Mohammad

The Maldives are a popular destination for migrant workers from Bangladesh. But for many, the island paradise turns out to be a dead end. One man tells his story.


Fresh courage

by Ali Naafiz

For a long time journalists were persecuted in the Maldives. This is slowly beginning to change.


Golf Balls from fish food

by Adam Jacot De Boinod

Fancy a Maldives vacation? It’s time for a few unusual offers.


World report

Not a short episode

by Chandrahas Choudhury

The reelection of Prime Minister Narendra Modi caught many Indians unawares. Now they are worried about the health of their democracy.


“I just had to take a stand”

an interview with Arshak Makichyan

It is a hard struggle to protest climate change in Russian capital, explains Arshak Makichyan.


In theory

Empire’s Bones

by Panashe Chigumadzi

The former European colonial powers must finally acknowledge that their progress is built upon racism, genocide and slavery in Africa.


In practice

Stealing the show

by Sahar Mechri Kharrat

The cultural project “Tunisia88” introduces young people to a whole new world of music.


A phone call with ...

Would a new bank holiday boost European sentiment?

commented by Priya Basil

Yes – bank holidays set us free from the day to day.


I think that ...

... we need to finally pay attention to the Artic

commented by Paul Gilroy

The arctic is the most important place on earth at the moment.



Where is it all coming from?

by Paul Nolte

In her brilliant history, Jill Lepore unravels the contradictions of her country.


“Giving economic policy a cultural audit”

an interview with Sigrid Weigel

In a new study, the cultural scientist Sigrid Weigel scrutinises Germany’s cultural foreign policy.