Issue I/2023 - Living on less

Living on less (Issue I/2023)

Living on less

Generation celibacy

by Nadia Kara

On the social media platform TikTok, #celibacy has become a global trend. Why are more and more young people voluntarily abstaining from sex?


In practice

“The music is full of sorrow and longing”

Interview with Kornelia Binicewicz

The project “Intimacy of Longing” uses interviews and mixtapes to tell the stories of Turkish women who migrated to Germany. On the link between music and homeland



The end of excess

by Kai Schnier

Looking into the pages of our new magazine.


Living on less

“We need a culture of less”

Interview with Vandana Shiva

For half a century, activist and author Vandana Shiva has been criticising the excesses of the global economy and arguing for a simple life. A conversation about false abundance and the necessity of downsizing.


What couldn’t you do without?

Fatma Aydemir, T.C. Boyle

What do you need in life? From Canada to South Africa to Pakistan, people around the globe explain what they can’t live without. Here Fatma Aydemir and T. C. Boyle say what is indispensable.