Issue IV/2022 - Fear of women

Fear of women (Issue IV/2022)

World report

Against white time

by Fatin Abbas

Linear, efficient and punctual: that's how the Western world ticks. But can't time be understood and used differently, for example as it is in Sudan?


A phone call with...

Why do we need a right to abortion?

commented by Sunny War Sunny War

I lived on the street and trains from when I was 13 and I saw so many young people running away from sexual abuse in foster homes. It's a bad system that produc...



Diving into the past

by Thomas Hummitzsch

Cheon Myeong-kwan's expansive novel “The Whale” retells South Korea's 20th-century history as a feminist fairy tale



“The invisible women”

By Jenny Friedrich-Freksa

A glimpse of our new issue.


Cultural spot

Noli’s underwater gardens

by Giacomo d’Orlando

Ten meters under the sea off the Italian coast, futuristic greenhouses are a prototype growing food in an uncertain future.


What’s different elsewhere

The harbinger of spring

by Lilja Jóhannesdóttir

About a special animal in Iceland


Bad guys on fire

by Will Self

Remember, remember the fifth of November: the day when effigies of Guy Fawkes and contemporary villains go up in flames in the UK.


How I became me

Finally, no longer stateless

By Mohammad El-Hassan

Civil war, nightly air raids and a lack of water: there was no future for Mohammad El-Hassan in Lebanon. That’s why he fled to Berlin in 2003. Today he works as a cook in Prenzlauer Berg.


Topic: Fear of women

“How are you doing?”

12 voices from Afghanistan

When the Taliban came to power, women in Afghanistan lost almost everything overnight: their rights, their jobs, their dignity.

What are their concerns today, over a year later? We asked Afghan women for a selfie, and we posed the question how are you doing?


A letter to my dead sister

Anonymous author

Our anonymous author’s sister was a journalist and was murdered on the street by the Taliban. An attempt to say farewell


A broken country

By Mina Jawad, Tareq Sydiq, Jasamin Ulfat-Seddiqzai, Negina Yari

Ethnic plurality, religious tensions, rival elites: Afghanistan is a nation of contradictions. Seven Questions dig below the surface


“We’re steering towards catastrophe”

Interview with Natalie Amiri, Mahbouba Seraj

Afghanistan is on the verge of becoming a “failed state,“ says journalist and women’s rights activist Mahbouba Seraj. The West’s power politics are partly to blame.


On the road in a sick nation

by Parand

Health care for Afghan women and girls was substandard even before the Taliban seized power, but now it is catastrophic: a visit to the province.


“I had to destroy my own artworks”

Interview with Salwa Rahen

Salwa Rahen talks about what the Taliban takeover means for her work as an artist. A conversation.


„I have brought your prophets into the world“

Playlist by Farhot

Ever since the Taliban returned, music has been banned and it has been forbidden for woman to sing. Yet a number of female Afghan musicians continue their careers in exile. Introducing a selection of famous singers - and and their songs.