Issue II+III/2023 - Precious Freedom. Voices from Taiwan

Precious Freedom. Voices from Taiwan (Issue II+III/2023)

Taiwan: Precious Freedom

“Today an invasion is more likely than ever”

Interview with Shieh Jhy-Wey

Taiwan’s diplomatic representative Shieh Jhy-Wey strives to promote his country’s interests in Berlin. A conversation about democratic alliances, the country's authoritarian legacy and Xi Jinping.



Lonely island

by Kai Schnier

A close up look at life in Taiwan beyond the Chinese threat


Taiwan: Precious Freedom

What we don’t talk about in Taiwan

by Li Ang

Taiwan is often portrayed as a model Asian democracy by the West. But how free and open-minded is the country really? The author Li Ang has been asking this question for decades.


“Metal saved my day”

an interview with Freddy Lim

Heavy metal star and politician Freddy Lim knows the Taiwanese music scene like no other. A conversation about the quirks of Taiwanese music – and which ten songs represent it