Joanna Bator

Joanna Bator

Joanna Bator, born in 1968 in Wałbrzych in Lower Silesia, is a writer and journalist. After receiving her doctorate in philosophy in 1998, she researched in Japan for several years and taught at the Polish-Japanese College of Computer Technologies in Warsaw. Since 2011 she has concentrated on her writing. Recent books translated into English include ”A Shark from Yoyogi Park” (2014), Island Tear (2015), Year of the Rabbit (2016) and Purezento (2017). Bator lives in Warsaw.

Photo: Magda Hueckel

Articles by this author

The new Poland (Issue III/2021)

“Our trauma has a million faces”

The writer Joanna Bator is one of the most important voices of contemporary Polish literature. Her new novel is about angry women and women and deep psychological wounds. Is that coincidence or a statement?