Adam Jacot De Boinod

Adam Jacot de Boinod, born 1960 in Aldershot, England, is a writer. While working for the British panel show “QI – Quite Interesting” he read the entire Albanian dictionary and discovered a peculiar interest for odd words. He subsequently studied over 280 dictionaries in different languages and compiled his favourite ones in his book “Toujours Tingo – Extraordinary Words to Change the Way We See the World” (Penguin, London, 2007), which came to be translated in numerous languages. In 2010 he published another book on words and their meanings: “I never knew there was a word for it” (Penguin, London). He studied at Cambridge University and has worked as linguistic advisor (most notably for the Encyclopedia Britannica) and independent author with a special focus on language and culture. Jacot de Boinod lives in London.

Articles by this author

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