Juan Álvarez

Juan Álvarez, born in 1978 in Neiva, Colombia, is a writer. He first came to prominence with his short story collection „Falsas alarmas“ (Alfaguara, 2006). In 2005 Álvarez won the short story prize „Ciudad de Bogotá“ and in 2010 the essay prize „Revista Iberoamericana“ of the Ibero-American Institute Berlin. Since 2015, Álvarez has coordinated the creative writing research area at the Instituto Caro y Cuervo in Bogotá. His most recent publications are his novels „Candidatos muertos“ (2011), „La ruidosa marcha de los mudos“ (2015), „Aún el agua“ (2019) and the essay collection „Insulto: breve historia de la ofensa en Colombia“ (2018). Álvarez lives in Bogotá.

Articles by this author

Nonstop (Issue III/2019)

Utter chaos

Nowhere in the world do people spend as long in traffic jams as in the Colombian capital Bogotá. A trip into the gridlock.


Black and white thinking (Issue II/2022)

92% of Colombians want a better education system

A large proportion of Colombians are convinced that educational opportunities are extremely unequally distributed. What can be done?