Malaika Mahlatsi

Malaika Mahlatsi is the award-winning bestselling author of Born Free Mein Leben Im Südafrika Nach Der Apartheid (Rotpunkverlag, Zurich, 2016) and Corridors of Death: The Struggle to Exist in Historically White Institutions (BlackBird Books, 2020). She is pan Africanist Geographer and feminist.

Articles by this author

Guilt (Issue II/2019)

The eternal injustice

Following the end of apartheid, the land question looms large in South Africa: What will happen to arable land that was taken away from the black population? The government now wants to reverse the theft by implementing land reform.


Make it yourself (Issue IV/2021)

An overdose of egoism

While politicians in the USA and Europe discuss herd immunity and booster shots, many African countries are still lacking vital vaccines. Once again, the West looks the other way.