Michael Scott Moore

Michael Scott Moore, born 1969 in Los Angeles, is a journalist and writer. He grew up in California and worked as an editor for the German political magazine Spiegel Online in Berlin for several years. During a research tour in Somalia in 2012, he was kidnapped by pirates. He processed the experience in his memoir “The Desert and the Sea” (Harper Wave Publishing, New York, 2018). Among others, Moore was a fellow of the Pulitzer Center on Crisis Reporting. Furthermore, he wrote the book “Sweetness and Blood” (Rodale Books, Emmaus, 2011) about surfing. Since 2017, Moore lives in Los Angeles again.

Articles by this author

Guilt (Issue II/2019)

The biggest mistake of my life

How Somalian pirates held me hostage for years – and how I could forgive them in the end.