Tillmann Bendikowski

Tillmann Bendikowski is a historian, journalist and head of a Hamburg-based media agency, Geschichte, specialising in historical research and stories. He has conceptualized history-based exhibitions and written books, his most recent being “Helfen. Warum wir für andere da sind” (in English, Helping. Why we are there for others; published by C. Bertelsmann, Munich, 2016) and “Der deutsche Glaubenskrieg. Martin Luther, der Papst und die Folgen” (in English, Germany‘s religious war. Martin Luther, the Pope and the consequences; published by C. Bertelsmann, Munich, 2016).

Articles by this author

Guilt (Issue II/2019)

Attack of the “new stupidity”

Populism and nationalism promote hostility toward intellectualism and growing intolerance toward scientific knowledge endangers democracy. But what can we do about it?