Alexis Jenni

Alexis Jenni, born 1963 in Lyon, is a writer and teacher. For his novel “The French Art of War” (Atlantic, 2017), where he grappled with he French colonial history in Indochina and Algeria, he was awarded the prestigious Prix Goncourt. Jenni earned his doctorate in biology and, to this day, teaches at the school Lycee Saint-Marc in his home town Lyon. He described himself as a “sunday writer” who was caught by surprise with the success of his book, which came to be translated in numerous languages. His work has been widely received by the public, not at least due to the number of readings and public debates.

Articles by this author

Une Grande Nation (Issue IV/2017)

Man in the raw

The French Foreign Legion was long seen as a stain on French foreign policy. But in this century, that is slowly changing.