Sonny Thet

Sonny Thet, born 1954 in Phnom Penh, completed his music studies in the state conservatory in the Cambodian capital. Later on in Weimar, Germany, he studied the cello and founded the group, Bayon. Today Thet lives in Berlin. 

Articles by this author

Above (Issue I/2019)

Paradise lost

I grew up as though I was an extra in the film, Anna and the King of Siam: Among royalty in Phnom Penh in the 1950s and ‘60s. My father led the orchestra there. Since my birth, I had travelled with him because he wanted me to become a musician. If he didn’t take me, and I was forced to stay behind with my mother, I would dig a hole, get into it and cry for my father as though my life depended on it.