Rery Maldonado

Rery Maldonado was born in the Southern Bolivian Tarija in 1976. She is a writer, poet and translator and works as a field service employee for the art guide "Gallery Guide Europe”. She authored a well received essay "La Experiencia Abisal" which was published in the anthology "Memoria Generacional", dealing with the civic movements of the 1990s in La Paz. Her last book, “Los Superdemokraticos - Eine literarische politische Theorie” (verbrecher verlag, Berlin, 2011) was written together with Nikolai Richter. Maldonado is based in Berlin since 1997.

Articles by this author

Earth, how are you doing? (Issue I/2018)

Second Hand in La Paz

Illegal imports of European brands are hurting Bolivia’s once vibrant textile industry.