Mojib Latif

Mojib Latif, born 1954 in Hamburg, is a German meteorologist, climate scientist, oceanographer and president of the German society Club of Rome. He is a professor at the Geomar Helmoltz Centre for Ocean Research Kiel, and previously taught at the Max-Planck-Institute in Hamburg. Over the years Latif was awarded with numerous environmental awards, as an honourable member to the American Meteorology Society (AMS), recipient of the German environment award by the Deutsche Bundesstiftung Umwelt (BDU), and most recently, in 2019, the Alfred-Wegener-Medal by the German Meteorology Society. Since 2015 he has been chairing the German Climate Consortium (DKK). Throughout his work, Latif understood to not only research the physical interrelation of climate and ocean and the consequences of water pollution for life on earth, but also to educate the public effectively. His latest book is called “Die Meere, der Mensch und das Leben - Bilanz einer existenziellen Beziehung” (herder, Freiburg, 2017).

Articles by this author

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