Idil Boran

Idil Boran lectures Political Philosophy and Ethics at York University in Toronto, Canada. Priorly, she was a Fellow at Katholische Universität Löwen in Louvain-la-Neuve, Belgium and at McGill University in Montreal. Currently, Boran especially devotes her work to global climate politics, global and environmental governance and public policy. As an accredited non-governmental observer, she has been participating in UN climate conferences regularly for several years. She is an associated researcher with the German Development Institute (DIE). Her latest Book “Political Theory and Global Climate Action: Recasting the Public Sphere” (routledge, New York 2018) argues for a widened scope of vision on climate action, involving more than state actors and NGOs. She lives in Toronto.

Articles by this author

Earth, how are you doing? (Issue I/2018)

Together vs. the end of the world

How can we share out responsibility for damaging our climate? Introducing the notion of “risk sharing”.