Jess Smee

Jess Smee, born 1974 in Clacton-on-Sea, England, is a journalist. She studied at Liverpool University and worked as a reporter for The Guardian, Spiegel Online International and Reuters News Wire. As part of the charitable project »The Niles«, Smee coached journalists in Sudan and South Sudan. She lives in Berlin and is the chief online editor at KULTURAUSTAUSCH.

“The Truest Form of Transportation” (Interview with Ben Okri)
“Humans think that animals are slaves to their emotions” (Interview with Frans de Waal)
“You have to go back to the roots to build something with meaning” (Interview with Daniel Libeskind)
“We are living in an age of extinction” (Interview with Naomi Klein)
“London’s despicable skyline” (Interview with Will Self)
The English as inventors of alpinism (Interview with Will Self)
”Distance Offers Me Protection“ (Interview with Chinelo Okparanta)
“We are mismanaging it badly” (Interview with Aditi Mukherji)​​​​​​
​“Guilt is at the heart of being human” (Interview with Bart van Es)

Articles by this author

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Complex consonant clusters

An alphabet with 32 letters, tongue twisters and infinitely long words: a crash course on the pitfalls of the Polish language


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A house in Mallorca

The scientist Maria Teresa Escalas lives in her modernist home in Mallorca, overlooking a rocky bay called Cala Santanyí.