Serhij Zhadan

Serhij Zhadan, born 1974 in Starobilsk, Eastern Ukraine, is an author and musician. He has published several novels, volumes of poetry and stories. "The invention of jazz in the Donbass" has received several awards, including the BBC Ukranian's book of the decade award for Voroshylovhrad. Internat, the German translation of his latest novel, was awarded the Leipzig Book Fair Prize 2018. Zhadan lives in Kharkiv.

Articles by this author

Heroes (Issue II/2018)

We are the army too

On Ukraine's response to the death of soldiers who died in the east of the country.


A story goes around the world (Issue III/2020)

A story goes around the world (chapter 1 of 8)

During the lockdown we asked eight international authors to write a story together. Chapter 1.