Georgette Florence Koyt-Deballé

Georgette Florence Koyt Deballé, born 1960 in Bangui, CAR, is the General Secretary of the “Commission nationale centralafricaine pour l’UNESCO“. She studied English in Paris, was first dean of the Faculty of Arts and Humanities-, then rector of the University of Bangui and has published a number of short stories and novels, including the collected volume of poems “C’est la vie“ (2014) and “Manu et les Fourmis, Histoires de Centrafrique“ (2017), a book for adolescents about prejudice and curiosity. Koyt-Deballé lives in Bangui.

Articles by this author

Poorest nation, richest nation (Issue III+IV/2018)

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Extract from "Nago et sa grand-mère" (Copyright: L'Harmattan, Paris, 2017).