Tristan Garcia

Tristan Garcia was born in Toulouse in 1981 and is a writer and philosopher. He is a student of Alain Badiou and holds a phd in philosophy. For years he has been teaching as Maître de conférences at the University of Lyon. His school of thought belongs to the speculative realism philosophical movement. He was awarded the Prix de Flore in 2008 for his first novel “Hate: A Romance” (Faber & Faber, London, 2012). During fall 2018 the English version of his book appeared: “The Life Intense: A Modern Obsession” (Edinburgh University Press, Edinburgh). Garcia lives in Lyon.

Articles by this author

Une Grande Nation (Issue IV/2017)

“France is more violent today, but it’s also more honest”

The philosopher on the social divisions in his country and why he is nevertheless hopeful about the future.