Noémi Kiss

Noémi Kiss, born 1974 in Gödöllo, Hungary, is a writer. She studied Hungarian Studies. Comparatist Studies and ­Sociology in Constance and elsewhere. Her essays and criticism have been extensively published in Hungarian and German. Since 2000, Kiss is a lecturer for Comparative Literature Sciences at the University of Miskolc. 

Articles by this author

Above (Issue I/2019)

Laughing and complaining

The lives of the Csango people in the east Carpathian mountains are hard. But there’s much to discover when you just listen to their stories. 


The hunters and the hunted (Issue II/2021)

Far from the front

For years the remote villages in the Caucasus have served as recruiting grounds for militias fighting in Nagorno-Karabakh. Notes from a journey through the Azerbaijani hinterlands.