The simple life

Living on less (Issue I/2023)

  • Scene of a hike in the Spanish comarca Sierra de Cazorla. Photo: Antoine Bruy

  • A hand-made house in the Pyrenees, France. Photo: Antoine Bruy

  • Eireann who lives in Washington state, USA. Photo: Antoine Bruy

  • Cork oaks in the Sierra del Hacho, Spain. Photo: Antoine Bruy

  • Old, yet functional: A dropout's radio in the Pyrenees, France. Photo: Antoine Bruy

  • Avi with dog in front of his hut in the Sierra Nevada, Spain. Photo: Antoine Bruy

  • The hermit Uli in front of his small house in the Sierra Nevada. Photo: Antoine Bruy

  • A homemade dome in the Sierra del Hacho. Photo: Antoine Bruy

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Living on less (Topic: Living on less)

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Living on less (Topic: Living on less)

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