The simple life

Living on less (Issue I/2023)

  • Scene of a hike in the Spanish comarca Sierra de Cazorla. Photo: Antoine Bruy

  • A hand-made house in the Pyrenees, France. Photo: Antoine Bruy

  • Eireann who lives in Washington state, USA. Photo: Antoine Bruy

  • Cork oaks in the Sierra del Hacho, Spain. Photo: Antoine Bruy

  • Old, yet functional: A dropout's radio in the Pyrenees, France. Photo: Antoine Bruy

  • Avi with dog in front of his hut in the Sierra Nevada, Spain. Photo: Antoine Bruy

  • The hermit Uli in front of his small house in the Sierra Nevada. Photo: Antoine Bruy

  • A homemade dome in the Sierra del Hacho. Photo: Antoine Bruy

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Living on less (Topic: Living on less)

Generation celibacy

by Nadia Kara

On the social media platform TikTok, #celibacy has become a global trend. Why are more and more young people voluntarily abstaining from sex?


Living on less (Books)

“Colonialism keeps going”

Interview with Abdulrazak Gurnah

In his books, Abdulrazak Gurnah takes a close-up look at life under colonial rule - and probes both his East African roots and his British homeland. A conversation.


Living on less (Topic: Living on less)

You are doing too well

by Adrienne Yabouza

Only those who already have something can settle for less. But for many people around the globe, going without things is no more than a pipe dream. A life spent living in and fleeing from the Central African Republic.


Living on less (I think that …)

I think that art needs time to emerge

commented by Cécile Wajsbrot

In a world of fast-moving news about the War in Ukraine and climate change, it is often hard to take time to create art. But literature works on a different clock: It needs time to form and silence to emerge.


Living on less (A house in ...)

A house in Mallorca

by Jess Smee

The scientist Maria Teresa Escalas lives in her modernist home in Mallorca, overlooking a rocky bay called Cala Santanyí.


Living on less (Survey)

70% of Armenians want good relations with Turkey

commented by Ani Tovmasian

Despite the difficult past with Turkey, the Armenian population wants a normalisation of Armenian-Turkish relations.