Talk of the town in Gothenburg

by Ruben Dieleman

Are we running out of water? (Issue III/2022)

While war rages in Ukraine, the threat from Russia is felt everywhere in Europe, so much so that even Sweden seems to be abandoning its famously neutral position and is seriously considering joining NATO.

But against this backdrop, Gothenburg's largest newspaper has recently reported conspicuously often on issues revolving around... Pizza. Rising food prices due to the war are causing problems for local pizza makers. Already there is talk of a “right to pizza,” because Gothenburg residents can't imagine life without their favourite fast food. The “biggest pizzeria in the world” is to open in the city.

Pizza has inspired numerous Swedish artists and musicians. It is not for nothing that the country's pizzerias are not known for experimenting with toppings and recipes, resulting in sophisticated creations like the curry banana pizza and the kebab pizza. For many a Gothenburg local, pizza is not just a treat, but a way of life, especially the aforementioned kebab pizza. So what do people care about NATO if they may soon no longer be able to afford their beloved pizza!

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