Goats against forest fires

Talking about a revolution (Ausgabe II/2020)

After the recent years of forest fires in Portugal, goats are being used in a pilot project to prevent further fires. They graze, keeping the grass short in particularly dangerous places, making them slower to burn. Since 2017, Portugal has been hit by devastating fires every summer and the landscape is only gradually recovering. Various measures are therefore being implemented. Trees along the roads, for example, have to be cut back more heavily to prevent fires from spreading.

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Guilt (Books)

“Reading others means listening to them”

an interview with Federico Italiano

Italian poet Federico Italiano has created a volume of poetry called “Grand Tour”, which brings together the young European poetry scene. In an interview, he explains what the generation of writers have in common and the surprises he found along the way.


Above (Books)

A Harsh Clarity

by Gerd Koenen

In her book, “The Future is History”, author Masha Gessen shows us an oppressive vision of Russia, a country that has been unable to reclaim its soul after the end of the Soviet Union. Her semi-factual novel, based on various interviews and reports, tells the personal tales of three generations and at the same time acts as a pyscho-social analysis of the Soviet legacy. 


Are we running out of water? (Theory)

Welcome to the club!

by Gijs de Vries

In the light of the Ukraine war, Europe needs to allow new countries to join and also strengthen its cultural policy. After all, the European Union is first and foremost a cultural project


Talking about a revolution (Tomorrow's world)

Hidden hippos

Short news from Colombia.


Une Grande Nation (Survey)

72 % of young Greeks believe the financial crisis is not yet over*

commented by Babis Papaioannou

The economic crisis in Greece has impacted the young people of the country more than any other group. Since 2009, there have been systematic reductions in the social welfare support available to young people.


Talking about a revolution (Tomorrow's world)

Expensive tomatoes

Short news from Kenya.