Let it be love

by Jenny Friedrich-Freksa

Une Grande Nation (Issue IV/2017)

But it is there, between cow carcasses and dead pigs that quality controller Mária and her boss, Endre, cautiously get to know one another. The film that tells this tale is »On Body and Soul«, directed by Hungarian filmmaker Ildikó Enyedi.

Endre’s body is damaged, he is half lame and Mária is autistic and finds it difficult to get on with other people. But they share a dream. In this dream, two deer – a buck and a doe – keep meeting. And those dream sequences, in which the two creatures encounter one another in a forest, are the most beautiful scenes in an already extraordinary film, one which gently describes how strange the beginnings of a love affair can be. On Body and Soul absolutely deserved to win the Golden Bear for best film at this year’s Berlinale film festival. 

Ildikó Enyedi: On Body and Soul (Teströl és lélekröl), Hungary 2017, 116 min.

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