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Under the Earth (Issue I/2022)

Should every one learn creative writing?

Commented by Maaza Mengiste

Yes! When I teach creative writing I don't teach students how to write. Writing is personal: I teach is to read critically and comprehensively. I teach people t...


Make it yourself (Issue IV/2021)

A phone call with a historian

A phone call with ... Niall Ferguson

Do people learn lessons from the past?


The new Poland (Issue III/2021)

Is money bad for the character?

commented by Olga Grjasnowa

About money worries and chocolate bars


The better America (Issue IV/2020)

Should film be a subject at school?

commented by Burhan Qurbani

Absolutely, as an advanced course! I love that film is taught in French schools.


A story goes around the world (Issue III/2020)

Should we really go on holiday this summer?

commented by Sibylle Berg

If it is ok from a medical and virological viewpoint, we should definitely take a vacation.


Someone else's paradise (Issue IV/2019)

Would a new bank holiday boost European sentiment?

commented by Priya Basil

Yes – bank holidays set us free from the day to day.


Nonstop (Issue III/2019)

Can expropriation take place in a democracy?

commented by Ulrike Guérot

The term “expropriation” is being misused.  


Guilt (Issue II/2019)

Can school children change environmental politics by protesting, Igor Levit?

commented by Igor Levit

We should be grateful to students like Greta Thunberg who are taking on environmental issues.


Above (Issue I/2019)

Will artificial intelligence, or AI, revolutionise art?

commented by Shu Lea Cheang

If there is going to be a revolution brought about by AI, then it will take place in the every-day. Technologies that use AI are already part of our lives. 


Poorest nation, richest nation (Issue III+IV/2018)

Is the #MeTwo movement mostly about isolated cases?

commented by Idil Baydar

No, these so-called isolated cases reveal a structure and one can see how our society is organised. 


Heroes (Issue II/2018)

Is sexism starting to disappear from cultural life?

commented by Stefanie Sargnagel

In dealings with women in the cultural industry there was long a certain freedom granted to anyone who was rich or successful enough. 


Earth, how are you doing? (Issue I/2018)

Do we have to talk to far-right wingers?

commented by Milo Rau

Sure, they are now in the German Parliament! Talking to them is depressing - I often lack the patience - but it is necessary.


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