„I have brought your prophets into the world“

Ever since the Taliban returned, music has been banned and it has been forbidden for woman to sing. Yet a number of female Afghan musicians continue their careers in exile. Introducing a selection of famous singers - and and their songs


assembled by Farhot, music producer





Elaha Soroor

The singer Elaha Soroor became famous in 2009 through the casting show „Afghan Star“. She now lives in London, where she recorded the album “Songs Of Our Mothers” with the band “Kefaya” in 2019.

The song “Charsi” (“Stoner”) triggered a scandal in the Afghan internet community. In it she sings openly about drug use, and in the video she can be seen smoking pot: “Hey you foreign boy, how beautiful are your eyes. Oh you stoner boy, you have beautiful eyes. You've been smoking weed and shisha, how beautiful are your eyes.” (2019, in Dari)  

Foto: Elvia Urqujox / Agencia EFE / Imago

Music producer Farhot was born in Afghanistan in 1982. He is the founder of Kabul Fire Records and lives in Hamburg.

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