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“Cheap T-shirts and cheap gas were never really cheap. The abundance in which many of us live is an illusion.”
Vandana Shiva (Photo: Dileep Prakash for KULTURAUSTAUSCH)

Growth has its limits and the climate crisis is real. With the world in crisis mode, it’s high time we use less! Our print magazine “Living on less“ is out in German, with contributions by T.C. Boyle, Fatma Aydemir, Vandana Shiva and many more. A selection of texts in English is available here


From our current issue

One year of war: How is the Ukrainian cultural sector faring?

The big photography interview


Water: Our most vital resource

Many of the greatest transformations currently taking place on our planet involve water on Earth. Without water, life would be impossible, it is irreplaceable and wonderful! For our issue on water, three authors wrote very personal texts about their relationship to our most vital resource:

KULTURAUSTAUSCH in conversation

Afghanistan: Fear of women

Since Western troops withdrew, women in Afghanistan have been robbed of their rights. 

They have lost their jobs and are locked up at home.

But the new generation refuses to be quietly driven out of public life.

In our current issue, women are raising their voices! 


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