Special feature: “Precious Freedom. Voices from Taiwan”

Taiwan is one of the West’s key democratic allies in Asia. But, looking beyond the looming threat from China, what makes this place unique and what do people in Taiwan dream of?

A country special on Taiwan

With contributions by writers Li Ang and Wu Ming-Yi from Taiwan, Yan Lianke from Beijing and others.

Also in the mix: British publisher Margaret Busby, Zimbabwean author NoViolet Bulawayo and many more! 

“Reporter Ho Hui-An reports that Taiwan is already ‘in the midst of an information war’ with China, and activist Hsi Jui-Ting says a (probably only half-joking) saying is doing the rounds in Taipei: ‘I have a hut in the mountains - let's all go there when the Chinese come.’

With this issue’s focus on Taiwan, we feature a range of Taiwanese perspectives, offering a close-up understanding of their homeland.”

By Kai Schnier, from the editorial

Photographic essays

Make it yourself: Ten ideas from across the globe

Around the world, people design and create things by hand. In our KULTURAUSTAUSCH issue on make it yourself, design experts had their say and so did people who simply enjoy making things. A magazine exploring why we make things ourselves – with instructions for making ten objects from across the globe.

KULTURAUSTAUSCH in conversation

Afghanistan: Fear of women

Since Western troops withdrew, women in Afghanistan have been robbed of their rights. 

They have lost their jobs and are locked up at home.

But the new generation refuses to be quietly driven out of public life.

In our current issue, women are raising their voices! 


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